Residence Life: Curriculum/Program Guides

The staff believes that students who choose to attend the Academy are committed to developing their personal and social skills along with the academic talents. The residence halls are places where living and learning meet. It is there that each student will meet new and different people, encounter new ideas and differing values, and test the student’s self-discipline. Students will find the residence halls are places where all of the elements of the IMSA community fuse. A student’s acceptance to attend the Academy constitutes an agreement on his/her part to actively support the Academy’s expectations. Community success will depend on the cooperative efforts of all.

Educational Priority: At the culmination of the residential experience, students will be independent and responsible individuals who demonstrate sustainable, equitable, and ethical practices in their current and future communities.


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Goal 1: Social Responsibility Narrative
As a member of the IMSA community, it is essential that students understand how their actions affect others and impact the world around them/globally. We challenge our students to develop sustainable skills which include being mindful, accountable, ... Read More

Goal 2: Life Skills Narrative
In a residential environment, it is imperative that students learn skills that will help them lead healthy, independent lives in their adolescence and beyond. Students will display growth as/evolve into competent, self-sufficient individuals that are capable of ... Read More

Goal 3: Interpersonal Intelligence Narrative
A thriving individual needs the skills to advocate for themselves and collaborate with others in a variety of situations. They should understand the impact of their actions on others. It involves effective verbal and nonverbal communication and ... Read More

Goal 4: Intrapersonal Intelligence Narrative
Transitioning away from home and into a rigorous academic and co-ed residential environment can be challenging for students and impact their emotional well-being, mental health and sense of self. Students will be able to address these changes ... Read More